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Atrocity Anthology

“I collect church collapses, recreationally. Did you see the recent one in Sicily? Marvelous! The facade fell on sixty-five grandmothers at a special mass. Was that evil? If so, who did it? If he’s up there, he just loves it, Officer Starling. Typhoid and swans – it all comes from the same place.”

― Thomas Harris, The Silence of the Lambs (Hannibal Lecter to Clarice Starling)

January 2022

Massive flocks of pesky crows take over downtown Sunnyvale; how city is dealing with the nuisance (January 11,2022; Sunnyvale, California)  Thousands of crows are leaving Downtown Sunnyvale residents and visitors with a list of grievances. Sidewalks are coated in white with bird droppings, the crows are interrupting dinners and their “caws” are creating noise…

February 2020

Thousands Of Fetal Remains, Found After Abortion Provider’s Death, Buried In Indiana (February 12, 2020; South Bend, Indiana) The remains of 2,411 fetuses found in Illinois last year after the death of a former abortion provider have been buried, but authorities say they’re no closer to knowing why the doctor had been keeping them.…

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